Jeremy is a kind-hearted, reliable friend. He doesn’t want too much out of life besides having fun and finding that perfect ale in the process. Jeremy is happiest when his underwear is clean and his fridge is full. He works as a computer programmer and is a major game geek.


Cindy is the glue that holds the group together. She’s cheerful, friendly, and loves life, and she’s always willing to lend an ear. Her sunny disposition can give way to a foul temper if you get on her bad side, though. She works as a personal fitness trainer, and paints in her spare time.


True to his namesake, Lucipher has a fiery personality. He grabs life by the horns and shakes it into submission, living purely for the moment. He loves driving sports cars and runs his own bar, the Frosty Mug, where the gang likes to hang out.


Sarcastic and forthright, Sarah tells it like it is. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. As senior editor of the popular fashion magazine Glam, Sarah is the most style-conscious member of the group. Down-to-earth and fiercely loyal to her friends. She makes a good shopping buddy.


Sarah's boss and arch-nemesis at Glam. Cathy is smart, fabulous, and a thorn in the side of nearly everyone she meets. She loves making Sarah's life hell - why, no one knows.


Glam's copy editor and resident gossip, Brian loves nothing more than dishing dirt on his fellow employees (save for Cathy, of course, whom he idolizes). Sarah generally can't stand him, but the two often go shopping together on their lunch breaks because they're both Bloomingdales junkies.

Goth Chick

Goth Chick (real name unknown) is a page designer at Glam. She's quiet and reserved, but has an acerbic wit that she occasionally puts to use, mostly when dealing with Brian. She has the tiniest of crushes on Lucipher, though she'd never admit it.

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