Pals is the story of four twentysomething stick people, set in the fictional town of Sunnybrook, USA. I started Pals way back in July of 1998, which would put me at about 13. My brother and I created the four characters one afternoon out of sheer boredom - I made up Cindy and Jeremy, my brother made up Lucipher and a girl named Crockface (don't ask), who later became Sarah. I decreed that they shall be stick people, and they shall have wacky adventures. And it was so. Those early comics looked something like this:

My, how times have changed!

I've been drawing the comic off and on since that fateful day. (Mostly off.) I drew most of them on lined notebook paper between school classes, and none of them were particularly good, so I stopped for a while. But then a friend referred me to Keenspace, so I started to get more serious about it. I drew "Videogame Madness" one afternoon in 2002, signed up for my Keenspace account, and...forgot about it for three years. (The signup didn't go through, anyway.) Then I happened upon the Big Red Binder I keep all of my old comics in, and remembered Keenspace (or as it's now known, Comic Genesis). This time the signup worked, and by May of 2005, the online incarnation of Pals was up and running!

Hopefully you like what you see so far. And if not, well...it's been worse.

About the Author

Currently studying graphic design, Darryl hopes one day to learn how to make a website that looks a mite flashier than the one you're reading. In the meantime, he listens to all those pop songs you're ashamed to have on your iPod, consumes Starbucks products by the pound, and lusts after people with actual drawing talent.

Check out his writings at Natural Born Cynic, email him at dpdasilva@gmail.com, or do neither and live a longer, happier life.

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